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Kiss my Soul... OT3 pwns us all!

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[MUN POST] HiroYoSuke Comm is Alive~ [Feb. 1st, 2008|05:54 pm]
Kiss my Soul... OT3 pwns us all!

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hiroyosuke_ot3 is now officialy FRIENDS ONLY. Due to LiveJournal's flagging system and Adult Content notices, this comm will now be for members only to keep ourselves from losing the comm for whatever reason, touch wood.

The comm has also gone down from three players to two, so please note the changes that are happening and/or has already happened. kira_shadow and I will be taking turns to play Wataru since we want to continue the whole OT3 plotline. Hopefully, readers will not get too confused, and we will be using different icons, so we hope that will help to dissolve any confusion.

I have changed the membership from closed/moderated to open, so anyone who wants to join can join. Remember, if you do not join, you will not be able to read any other posts except for this one.

As mentioned in the profile, no one else is allowed to post and comment except for kira_shadow and myself. Though of course, feel free to leave a comment on posts like these ones. Mun posts.

Also, feel free to spread word about hiroyosuke_ot3. We welcome readers anytime. We spent quite a bit of time coming up with the plot as well, so we would love to share the OT3 love.

Thank you to everyone who reads the RP, and after a long time of unannounced hiatus, hiroyosuke_ot3 is now officially back up and running.

P.S. Our entries also went to friends only unannounced back when things happened , so those who have friended the comm back when it first started, you might have missed quite a few entries because of that. We would love it if you read and catch up. ^^
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