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HiroYoSuke OT3

...pwns all of us...

Kiss my Soul... OT3 pwns us all!
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By shatteredtenshi

Set in the current world, with the boys as part of the entertainment group, Johnny's Entertainment, and belonging to the Junior group, Kis-My-Ft2, watch the three boys, Hiro, Taisuke and Yokoo fall in love and deal with a three-people relationship.

Fujigaya Taisuke played by:

Kitayama Hiromitsu played by:

Yokoo Wataru played by:
shatteredtenshi / kira_shadow

This community does contain explicit content.

Due to flagging and the Adult Content system on LiveJournal, all entries from now on, will be locked.

- Only two people will be able to post on the community, kira_shadow and shatteredtenshi, the players of the comm.
- Membership though, is open, and people are free to join the comm to read the entries.
- Members CANNOT though comment on any entries at all, unless it is labelled a 'MUN POST'.
- Members are welcome to contact players through their personal journals.
- There ARE NC-17 posts. There will be warnings on the posts, so please read them at your own discretion.
- While there will be lots of reference to real life events such as Shokura recordings etc., because this is FICTION, they will take place OUT of order every now and then to let everything flow properly.